Glow all day with our products made for your skin type. We use tons of essential oils that are blended with Marula and Coconut Oils that create products for your face+body+hair and our makeup is vegan. BODY MAKEUP MATCH is our popular body cream that blends perfectly with your skin color. All products are made with pure ingredients and are cruelty free.Now you can be completely confident from head to toe.



We want you to feel and look beautiful for a very long time. Our products make your skin glow and cater to your skin type. We include essential oils whenever we can because the truth is in the serum. Immediately, you will see incredible results and your skin will look younger because our ingredients are helping your skin repair itself. Our makeup is kind to your skin and is very kind to animals. 

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I knew I would look amazing but I was surprised that I no longer needed a lot of makeup because my skin looks incredible. I glow all day.

Elsa.Newport Beach,CA

Elsa Carter

The products make my skin look flawless. They blend perfectly and I feel amazing. The Rose Quartz Primer Spray is my favorite.

Mandy.Los Angeles,CA


About Us

Melissa O'Donnell

Owner and Teacher

Our products are created around essential oils. Our academy teaches you about the power of essential oils and how to properly use them. We are a vegan and cruelty free company with natural ingredients. Let's learn how to be sexy and smart with essential oil based products for your skin. It's a lifestyle!


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